lrc (lrc) wrote in adfp,

Dog People

Note to self: Never Ever buy a car from a dog owner again.

It seems that Ms. Murial Han owns some sort of rat dog, a fluffy, stinky rat dog. It also seems that Ms. Han is allergic to vacuum cleaners. There is dog hair everyfucking place in the car. It smells like the ASPCA. Even after the car sat in the auction yard for a month or so, and at RC's shop, or my house for about a month, it still smells like dog.

We spent what seemed like hours trying to get the doghairs out on Saturday. We got most of them, enough to weave a blanket probably. There's still a bunch, the car still stinks. I swear, it's worse than buying a car from a smoker.

The next thing I'll have to try is to take the car to a carwash where they have industrial strength vacuum cleaners and underpaid laborers and pay them $20 to vacuum out the car.
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