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The Firewall, The Scolds, A Change of Pace

You know what? I'm tired of it. Life's tough enough as it is. If I want to take a minute away from work, I don't feel like being piled on, insulted, or verbally abused. If I want to peeve, I'd like to peeve, period. Don't give me another peeve.

I don't want to be "on stage" or "off stage". I just want to peeve. I don't want a big argument wherein someone tells me how to feel. I just want to peeve. I want to amuse myself. I want a distraction from the rest of my day.

I'm pulling off another venue, too. That venue seems to be populated by ex-hippies in their fifties who like to scold and lecture and overreact. I'm 47, you are not my mother, don't tell me how to live. I'm not going to learn some great life lesson from a snarky and insulting message in text form on my computer from someone I rarely see and have no emotional connection with.

I got clued into this space and two others. So far, in this space, I have hooked up with a huge number of people who know my neighbors and are folks I am likely to deal with on a regular basis. The level of discourse in this space is cordial, supportive, and non-abusive. I can really get to like it. I hope this incarnation of adfp proves to be more like the face-to-face meetings we've had across the United States and Western Europe.
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Lately, I've been having fun at The Perfect World. It's like Salon's Table Talk, with fewer liberals. Much better interface, too.
I presume this has to do with the driving to work thing?

Anyway, I got really tired, really fast, of being in a social situation where I could not ever relax. I've been considering dropping my idiom account and just giving up on netnews because I'm bored to death of months of trolls then a few weeks of fun peeving until somebody feels the need to pull out the wall of flame on a non-troll. Talking about self-defeating.

I also have found my own little hidey hole for intelligent conversation. It's a private message board, and sometimes somebody takes offense and storms off while the rest of us just sit and stare, but for the most part it's amusing little tales of everyday life, with the occasional gripe tossed in.
Yeah, the driving comment was just rude. It was classic in the old kind of way, but its been something like 15 years and I am not in that kind of place anymore. I just don't like getting angry over nothing.

I've made a pact with myself to use the telephone every night when I am not going anywhere. Even if its a short conversation, it makes me feel happer to have a quality high-bandwidth conversation. I changed my calling plans to accomodate my increased phone use. Also, at work, I volunteer, yes, volunteer to attend and run meetings. Its good on the resume and when I go home, I don't feel so socially isolated. Ooh, I just spent a day talking to people. I think I will chat with so-and-so and then just veg out with the pets. No one's a asshole, moron, dork, "wrong", or Shakespearean-random-insult-generator. Plus, when *I* run a meeting, I order food.

I would like to come to one of your meetings. Avocado sandwich, please.

We had a potluck lunch today in the studio. It was a Lesbian Potluck: everybody brought storebought bread and cheese. I almost missed those days when we all lived on conference room donuts and coffee from The Machine.
I thought I was the only person who used the term "Lesbian potluck". You go to one of those and they all bring chips, salsa, bread, cheese and the one creative cook is a hardcore vegan who brings some slurry of lentils with tofu pup fragments.

On the flip side were the potlucks the early gang with the AIDS Grove used to have. Lumpia, spanakopeda, delicate pastries, salads, frittata... Heavenly. And they all liked my cat Ginger. She slutted around 22 different laps when they all came over. After 5 lively hours of good food and conversation, she slept like stuffed animal. (I think she was about 7 or 8 at the time).