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Online Personals has free, anonymous, online personals. Over the past few years, I've met some really cool people through that venue. Even when I'm not "in the market" they are fun to peruse.

Since they are anonymous, it's fun to post random, off the wall ads, just to see if anyone responds. One friend once posted something to the effect of:
"female, breathing"
as her ad, and got about 20 replies.

To me, one of the most humorous, or ironic things about them is the lists of requirements. Not preferences, but requirements, especially when you read the rest of the ad. For example the number of women under 5'4" who insist on guys over 6' tall. Then there is the BBWs (Big Beautiful Woman, i.e. fat chick) who want a tall handsome professional. I admit that from what I hear, the guys are just as bad at this, I just don't tend to read the men seeking women ads.

Another requirement that I often find amusing is "clean shaven". I can understand a preference for guys who don't, or do, have beards. On the other hand, it's not like it's something, like height, that can't be changed. To me, specifying the state of a guys facial hair is about the same as a guy writing an ad requiring that the woman wear a green dress. I've got a beard because I think that I look better with one. I used to shave it off and reveal a strong, square chin. Now I shave it off and reveal a couple of them. However, if I were to meet someone I really liked, who strongly disliked beards, I'd shave. On the other hand, I'm not going to shave just for a blind date that, statistically, won't go any further than that particular meal.

There is the ongoing entertainment from people who have no concept of how their words present themselves online. Spelling and grammar count folks. Occasional typos are one thing, but why do so many women who write at about a third grade level say that they are smart and want to meet a smart guy?
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